The The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond 

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Blast off with space expert Sarah Cruddas on a journey through human space exploration history, from Apollo Moon landings to plans for living on Mars.
Is there life beyond Earth? What will the space jobs of the future look like? What went wrong on Apollo 13? The Space Race answers all of the big questions that kids have about space travel. Astrophysics expert Sarah Cruddas unearths hidden stories behind famous space missions. Space-mad kids will delight in the detail, photographs, and information on each page, and will love seeing diagrams of iconic space suits and the car on the moon.

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ISBN:  9780241343777
Categories: Non-fiction, Children’s Book
Publisher: DK Children

Author: Sarah Cruddas
Format: Hardcover
Age: 6-10
Page Count: 192
Size: 8.74 x 0.91 x 10.39 in.

Weight: 2.4lbs.

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