Magical Beads and Charms

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KD 5.000


Get creative with this enchanting kit!
With 3 gorgeous charms and over 300 pretty beads, this box is perfect for creating a little magic.
There are lots of ideas to inspire amazing crafts, and you can even add your own items to put a twist on the colours and patterns.
• Fairy charm
• Unicorn charm
• Wand charm
• Blue, purple & pink threads
• Instruction book
• Shimmer, rainbow, shiny, star, colourful & heart beads


Product Details

ISBN: 9781803681269
Categories: Books,Children’s Books,Activity Books
Publisher:Igloo Books
Author: Igloo Books
Series: Trend Box Sets Children 2
Format: Paperback: Wire Stitched
Page Count:24
Ages: 5-8
Size: 9.204 in x 7.956 in

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