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KD 5.000


Discover roar-some crafts and tasty treats in this epic box set!
Use the items in your kit and things from around the home to make cupcakes, salt dough fossils, biscuits, dinosaur puppets and more.
With all of this, plus fun activities, it’s the perfect set for creative dinosaur fans.
• 3 x Dino cookie cutters
• Volcano cupcake stand
• 10 x Cupcake liners
• 7 x Pieces of coloured paper
• Guidebook
• 3 x Paper straws
• 2 x Balloons


Product Details

ISBN: 9781803680026
Categories: Children’s Arts and Crafts Activity Kit
Publisher:Igloo Books
Author: Igloo Books
Series: Trend Box Sets Children 2
Format: Paperback: Wire Stitched
Page Count:24
Ages: 5-8
Size: 9.204 in x 7.956 in


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