Leon and the Place Between

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KD 2.500


Wanting to prove to his brothers and sister that magic really exists, Leon volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world. Filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards, and magician’s assistants – among other things – if a magician can make it disappear, it will end up in the Place Between!

When Leon returns, not only do his brothers and sister believe, but we do too.
With die-cut holes into and out of the Place Between, the reader takes a journey right through the pages of the book, into the mysterious world of Grahame Baker-Smith’s breath-taking illustrations.

Product Details

Categories: Children’s Book, Fiction and Fantasy
Publisher: Templar Publishing

Author: Angela McAllister
Illustrator: Grahame Baker- Smith
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 48
Size: 25.5 x 0.5 x 29 cm


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